Boost-Ready Connecting Rods for B58 Engines from K1 Technologies

June 25, 2021 / by Kevin Bailey

K1 Technologies has expanded their lineup of race-ready connecting rods with their latest H-beam connecting rod for the Toyota Supra / BMW B58 engine. As part of the iconic Supra’s re-launch, this engine has already become a popular build platform, with high-boost and big HP builds calling for increased connecting rod strength. Forged from 4340 steel and machined within precise tolerances, these connecting rods for the B58 boast a winning combination of features.

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B58 connecting rod

Like all K1 connecting rods, these B58 rods are forged from 4340 steel material, providing strength durability in combination with the proven H-beam design.

K1 connecting rod QCK1's B58 connecting rods were designed and developed by our in-house engineering team through work with engine builders and racers, and each rod is subject to an in-depth quality control process, checking critical dimensions, weights, and balance.

bronze bushing and shot peened connecting rod

Each connecting rod surface is shot-peened to smooth the surface blends of the alloy, reducing stress risers and improving longevity and durability. Additionally, a bronze bushing is rolled into the small end and honed for optimal wear resistance of both the small end and the wrist pin.

ARP 2000 bolts K1Each rod also comes equipped with highly reputable ARP 2000 series fasteners.

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